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Earned by working capital


The right strategies applied to working capital, they may gain the opportunity to practice their projects at the expense of a major sponsor.

What is Working Capital?

The initiative can be summarized in few words: innovation and creativity funded by Telecom Italy.

Caused to support business ideas deemed most interesting is not only economic, but also endorsed by skills, services and technologies offered by the telephone giant.

Scope of the initiative: The Internet and Web 2.0.

The projects examined, the result of individual creativity or group, whether evaluated favorably receive resources and support throughout the start-up, growth and development.

Interesting novelty compared to other similar initiatives undertaken by other holding companies.

In this case, in fact the intellectual property of the idea remains in the possession of students, researchers, young entrepreneurs and creative minds of all the shift that will be selected.

If you have a business idea and think that could represent an innovation with the Internet, this could be a great opportunity to make this happen. and become artecife innovation.

In addition to the provision of adequate infrastructure will provide a financial support, technology and strategy constantly monitored by a team of experienced managers in the field of innovation.

Two different modes of financial inteventi are planned:
1) Contract incubation: payments of between 30 and 120 thousand euros.
2) Investment contract: financing from 150 to 750mila euro.

In the second case to have access to the payments must be in addition to a well-structured plan feasibility of the project, including a prototype and its own working group.

Anyone wishing to evaluate their own idea and may refer to an assessment through the website of the initiative.

Alternatively, if you're lucky enough to reside in areas close to cities chosen for the working capital tour, you can expose your personal project.

Since I am not able to find more detailed information on this, if in doubt, I think it is better to submit the application online as well, because I do not know how they are selected who then offer their ideas during the stages of the tour itself.

Maybe you can try to ask questions via e-mail.

During 2009, the stages of Tuor touched Catania on 29 April, Rome May 22, 8 lugllio Turin, Florence September 30, Naples on November 10 and Milan on 16 December.

During 2010, meetings have been scheduled at Bari, Bologna, Rome, etc.. The schedule of new dates has not yet been prepared to date, but you can always keep an eye on the site of working capital.

Initiative really interesting, but that raises some concerns about the methodology used in the evaluation of projects during the stages of working capital.

Three minutes to explain the project, and three minutes to answer the questions of likely donors.

I want to refer back to a concept that borrows from a post by David Wells, who participated personally in the stage of Milan in working capital:

< "... I do not think that the goodness of certain models may be exposed, including and especially, to whom we must put money in just 3 minutes.
Probably in a period of time so limited would not be understood even Twitter ... ">.

A creative young man, because inexperience and excitement, would certainly have problems to express themselves in public.

Consequently, the risk that, but less innovative ideas on display at best, might be welcomed with respect to specific projects innovative but poorly expressed.

Where should emerge progress, could emerge only communication skills.

Therefore, the premise of an idea or a project really ingenious and innovative, that can make the difference is certainly the communication at least for the first approach.

If you want to submit the draft to better and therefore win the support of investors, prepared to the best explanation of that word.

Your project could be selected and funded by the Working Capital.

Too bad that hot water has already been invented, maybe I could propose it as an idea, hoping to earn a good financing.

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