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Twitter: programs to save time

programmi per twitter Twitter: the best results in the shortest time possible.

Unquestionably, the enormous potential of this communication tool that has revolutionized the world of online social networks.

Nevertheless, there is a very frequent criticism from bloggers and scholars in the field of communication: "In the midst of so much noise, hard to find the latest news, you risk only to waste time. Especially if I follow hundreds or even thousands. "

In my opinion this is only true in part because Twitter, if used properly, not only keep you informed in real time only about topics of interest to everyone, but also saves a lot of time.

If there is a flaw or rather a limitation in twitter, is due to the fact that many functions through the interface of the website are not available because of restrictions due to the use of the browser.

And it is precisely here that come into play the use of special software, many of whom reviewed in this post that completely eliminates these restrictions.

Use Twitter for a couple of months or so, and besides having a lot more than meets potenzalità, I realized something that I consider vital: news, post news, information world, first of all spend more twittering from the Social Web .

Just use some little trick is knowing how to extrapolate, but I will speak in a later post.

The first step to penetrate into the world of Twitter and start using it in an evolved, is surely to leave the timeline available via a browser and use special software.

For each choice of program best suited to their needs, that will certainly change the way you unravel the social network in question.

1] TweetDeck
Surely the best known and most used desktop application among users of Twitter.

Too bad it's greedy of memory so that, when used in conjunction with many other programs, can slow the speed of your computer.

In my opinion is the only flaw, except to have a powerful PC. For the rest is really well done and packed with features.

Allows to have multiple columns in the same interface through which receive replies, direct messages, searches, news follower, real time of their follow Twitt, messages from their lists, etc.. In practice allows you to filter messages in a simple and quick.

It also allows you to send tweets automatically shortening the url, and is able to translate any message in the timeline in the desired language.

You can record, share and view photos and video.

The current version is able to manage multiple accounts simultaneously and allows the integration of Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn.

For Windows, Mac and Linux.

2] Twhirl
Direct competition is very similar to tweetdek, only displays everything in a single column.

Full, rich in functionality, it also supports FriendFeed.

Timeline with tweets, replies and direct messages, time to update the timeline configurable, sending status updates, replies, direct messages.

Also available is the multi-account support, keyboard shortcuts, acoustic and visual notifications, auto-update program, search public tweets, filtering the Timeline.

3] Seesmic
Supports multiple Twitter accounts, research groups, you can share photos via TwitPic, and video via Seesmic videos.

The graphics interfacciaa supports multiple columns, so that you can see the answers, private messages, etc..

4] DestroyTwitter
Compact and robust, works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

It consists of a sort of screens that are updated constantly passing in the foreground as new messages arrive.

Very light as it needs very little memory without sacrificing the functionality and performance.

6] Twitcher
If you are looking for something simple, fast and easy to use.

Runs on Windows and Mac

Has many characteristics common to other software.

Main timeline with multiple views, bookmarks, replies, direct messages and public timeline.

Multi-user, auto-refresh the tweets, expansion of the safety of short URLs, and many other functions.

7] Tweetr
Excellent Twitter client available for Mac and Windows; simple and powerful.

One screen contains all the functions.

8] TwitBabble
Much like Seesmic and Tweetdeck regarding functionality.

Interesting feature is that you can send Tweets automatically at predetermined intervals.

9] Spaz
Open source program available for Palm, Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

10] Twitteroo
Tiny program, but rich in features.

Shortening URLs, sending messages with double click on user name, notifications of twitter, timeline public update manually or automatically, alerts, etc..

11] Twitterlicious
Simple application to connect to Twitter.

Very spartan interface, suitable for novice users.

Send and receive tweets, marked by a pop up that opens to notify you of new messages.

Updated automatically at intervals you define.

12] Chirp
Specially designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The features are similar to those of most other clients.

Responding to a message, send direct messages, add contacts in your favorites, block, remove, etc..

There are no more excuses for not using Twitter. Subscribe, I will be happy to Twitt with you.

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