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Android applications to save

Mobile Banking
To check the available balance, pay bills and transfer money.

Currency converter with daily exchange rate updates. Show 5 coins at the same time.

All currencies are provided with the currency code, the country name and flag. It also includes support for the reverse conversion.

Mortgage calculator - Loan calculator
Looking for a house or a realtor? Want your mortgage? Take advantage of this application that helps us.

Calculation of monthly home mortgage or car payment simple and advanced mode, calculator, etc..

A simple but elegant computer designed to be easy to use.

Finance for Android provides streaming stock quotes in real time.

It syncs with your Google Finance portfolio, allows quick access to graphics and displays the latest market news and company. Equipped with Quick Search Box.

Real Estate Droid
Search homes for sale and save in your favorites. When you visit a home, you can take notes and store pictures taken.

Also has a good calculator for loan calculator.

Karl's Mortgage Calculator Calculation
Calculate mortgage payments and displays the results with easy to understand graphs and tables.

Calculate payments, interest and term. Currently supports only the 'depreciation for Canadian interests.

If you know of other iPhone applications to save, manage resources or gain, report it in the comments.

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